Moving Out and Growing Up

So recently I moved away from home (256 miles to be exact) and it was shit scary. Moving away from the place I’d spent 21 years – minus the months spent at uni – was heartbreaking, terrifying and exciting. I moved for love and no other reason. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision but after various chats with family I decided to pack up and drive to the other side of the country. I had no job waiting for me and I felt incredibly lonely and isolated. I don’t think I had truly prepared for that and so my piece of advice for anybody who is thinking of moving far away from home is to prepare yourself for those days and nights where you will be consumed by your loneliness.

However, I have also found the experience incredibly joyous. Living with the man I love is everything I could have hoped for. I also found a job (which is okayyyy) that pays the bills meaning that life is much easier, plus I can afford that expensive Clinique moisturiser I’ve been after.

Moving out made me realise how much my parents did for me all those days. There’s a lot to juggle but I think I’m a better person because of it. I miss my family a hell of a lot and homesick hits me like a tidal wave sometimes, but it’s a sacrifice I have to make in order to make my relationship works. Plus, all the happy times I have down here more than make up for it!

A x


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